New ToQGer Toy Catalog Scans: BuildDaiOh & Legacy Resshas!

BuildDaiOh To6

The latest round of ToQGer toy scans is now online!

For starters we now have the first look at Toq6’s main Resshas, a pair of orange vehicles known as the Build Resshas. Their (unrevealed) combined form is known as “Build DaiOh!”

We also get to see the movie-exclusive remold of ToQOh, called “Safari GaOh!”

In addition we see four new Legacy Resshas from previous Super Sentai teams: Gokaiger, Goseiger, Shinkenger and Go-Onger Resshas!

Last but certainly not least we get a quick look at a new weapon for the ToQGers- the “DaiKaiten Cannon,” which fires multiple Resshas by rotating new tracks into attack form. The Daikaiten Cannon will be sold with a special golden repaint of the Red Ressha.

Definitely a lot of good things coming down the tracks from ToQGer!

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  1. Paladin's Avatar Paladin says

    Toq6's main Ressha is apparently "BuildDaiOh."

    We also get new Legend Sentai Resshas for Gokaiger, Goseiger, Shinkenger and Go-Onger.

  2. ZeoRangerV's Avatar ZeoRangerV says

    Aw man, I might have to start specifically collecting legacy Resshas.

  3. ElConvoy's Avatar ElConvoy says

    Build Dai Oh = Awesome! cant wait for the Robot form
    Legacy Ressha = Even more Awesome!! The Gokaiger one looks hilarious
    Giant Cannon = Must Have! I always enjoy me giant cannons with a ridiculous gimmick

  4. TheFightingSpirit's Avatar TheFightingSpirit says

    Ha, I knew ToQ6 was a construction-type!

    Considering that, I get the sense a more in-depth look at the in and outs of rainbow line is on the show's horizon.

  5. ElConvoy's Avatar ElConvoy says

    Just saw Safari Gaoh on the frontpage looks alright. Not something I have to have though.

  6. GaoMuscle Longhorn's Avatar GaoMuscle Longhorn says

    I want to see some better pics of these guys. But BuildDaiOh? Called it. Though I was calling it ConstructionOh

    Also, I'd like to lodge a complaint; Kishamoth ISN'T the Go-Onger Ressha? Same with Snake for Goseiger.

  7. Starscream Gaga's Avatar Starscream Gaga says

    Originally Posted by ZeoRangerV View Post
    Aw man, I might have to start specifically collecting legacy Resshas.
    That's basically what I'm doing. I have ToQoh and the ToQ Changer, but these things are pretty much the only other thing I think are decent in the line so far. Luckily, they're awesome.

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