Toy Fair 2014 – Bandai Power Rangers

Toy Fair 2014 Bandai Power Rangers Super Megaforce 092

New York Toyfair 2014 has officially begun! And Bandai of America has not held back with their awesome display of products! Our Network crew and very own admin Sentai Tamashii are on the floor there today to share these images with you. Our boys were the first appointment with Bandai this morning and thanks to them we have a TON to share!

Legacy Collection

  • Titanus, no combined samples on display but an image of one is there
  • Dragonzord, Combined with the Megazord and indivdual
  • 5″ Toys R Us Exclusive Mighty Morphin’ White & Red Rangers!

Zord Builder System Megazords/Zords & Vehicles:
  • Ninja Storm Ninja Zord
  • Turbo Falcon Megazord
  • Operation Overdrive Legendary CYcle
  • Super Megaforce Silver Cycle (show uknown)
  • Super Megaforce blue on gray wolf cycle (show unkown)
  • Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Zord Armor
  • Samurai Zord Armor
  • Thundersaurus Megazord
  • Wild Force Megazord
5″ Legendary Rangers
  • Titanium Ranger!!
  • Red Time Force
  • Red Light Speed
  • Gold Samurai
  • Red Super Samurai
  • Silver In Space
  • Lunar Wolf
  • Gold Zeo
  • Red Overdrive
  • Robo Knight
  • Red Lost Galaxy


  • Super Mega Saber & Silver Ranger Trident!
  • Super Mega Blaster
  • Armored  Might Super Megaforce Silver Ranger!
  • Deluxe Legendary Morpher &  Silver ranger Morpher!
  • Ranger Training Sets
  • Deluxe Hand Gear
  • Deluxe Super Mega Saber
  • Armored Might Figures
  • 10″ FX Figures
  • Basic Action Figures
  • Ranger Key Sets
  • Delta Runner Zord with Blue Ranger
  • Deluxe Zord Armor Rangers with Figures
  • Lost Galaxy Cycles with Rangers
  • Wild Force Red Lion
  • Deluxe Megazord

You can check out the full gallery after the jump!

Discussion / Comments (Jump to this Thread on the Forum)

  1. ZeoRangerV's Avatar ZeoRangerV says

    Armoured Might Silver Ranger? Touch BoA.

    Also, goddamn legacy Titanus. That means I definitely have to buy the other 2

  2. Kamen Rider Meteor's Avatar Kamen Rider Meteor says

    I do not see a finished and painted version of that 2ft Megazord they kept showing off at conventions. That can't be a good sign....

    I am digging all the Red Ranger figures and Titanus though!

  3. Den-O's Avatar Den-O says

    Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Why is Titanus there? Are they redoing him? How much?
    Titanus has been known of for ages. It's a Legacy Titanus. Like it says in the article.

  4. Paladin's Avatar Paladin says

    Legacy Titanus confirmed. Nice!

    I really like the apparent packaging for those Red Rangers. Never thought we'd see the old triangle boxes again.

  5. Klonoahedgehog's Avatar Klonoahedgehog says

    The silver ranger's trident looks so small but still look cool.

  6. goldblade6's Avatar goldblade6 says

    They variety in that 5" action figure line is pretty impressive. Makes it all the more disappointing that they are totally isolated scale-wise. I'm just not buying into another scale. If they were 4", I would buy. If they were Figuarts compatible, I would buy. But they're not really completing teams or anything here and they don't fit in with anything else, so I regretfully pass.

    Titanus looks awesome. The Dragonzord staff formation looks a little big to me, but overall, the Legacy line looks great.

    I don't know what those triangular-shaped packages are for, but they totally appeal to my sense of nostalgia. I only wish they were putting something in them that I couldn't resist buying. I just don't need another white and red ranger in some random scale. It would have been cooler if they re-did or made some new figures in the same style of the original 8" line. Some of them fetch absurd prices these days, so some re-releases or new releases would have been great.

  7. Shinken004's Avatar Shinken004 says

    The Legacy Titanus looks fantastic.

    All those five-inch figures look awesome. If I were to choose which ones I would get, I would get Red Alien, Titanium Ranger, Quantum Ranger, and especially Red Lost Galaxy Ranger since it didn't get released last year for the four-inch line.

  8. Electric Turahk's Avatar Electric Turahk says

    Oh man Furaimaru does not look good at all.

    Fortunately all of my attention's on the Dragonzord and Titanus, both of which are looking awesome, and the latter particularly beautiful.

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