Nihon Local Hero Daikessen Poster

This is definitely an interesting one. While TokuNation can’t always cover the numerous Local Heroes (gotchi heroes) of Japan, we do on occasion try to bring you as much information on the larger projects as possible. Well this is quite possibly the largest Local Hero project since the ambitious Fire Leon franchise! Announced today is the Nihon Local Hero Daikessen film (Japan Local Hero Great Battle) which was recently crowdfunded into production!

Unlike the annual Super Hero Taisen films produced by Toei, this film seeks to be unify the various Local Heroes of Japan with a theme of friendship. Admittedly there are so many local Japanse heroes I doubt we’d be able to run down the whole list of those appearing in the movie, but it looks like many major and popular regional favorites such as the cast of Yatsurugi, Ibaraiga, Cosmo Flasher, & MANY more will appear!

Nihon Local Hero Daikessen is set for release on November 14th!

DX Surprise Future Shift Next Special Tridoron Key Newton Eyecon 001

In just 1 week this years pairing of summer films, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger The Movie: The Dinosaur Lord’s Splendid Ninja Scroll & Kamen Rider Drive Surprise Future, will be released in Japanese theaters. As such the related toys for each film are set to be released soon, and new official images have given us the best look yet at them.

For Ninninger we have DX Otomonin EX Dinomaru. This remold of Paonmaru is of course the movie exclusive mecha for this year in the same vein as Safari Ga Oh, Tobaspino, FS0O Frog, and a host of other toys. This figure will be released on August 8th to coincide with the film and retails for 4104 yen.

For Kamen Rider Drive we have a bit of a surprise! Not only will this years movie henshin device set include those used by Drive in the film, the DX Shift Next/Special Car & Tridoron Key, but a third item is also in the mix. And it’s the DX Newton Eyecon from Kamen Rider Ghost! This set will be released a bit later this month, August 29th, for 2160  yen.

Power Morphicon Banner

Is it that time of the year already? Well, sort of kind of! As per tradition, Power Morphicon tickets are going on sale a full year in advance of the show. This allows you to get the registration done and over with and begin saving for all the goodies from the merchandise floor as well as all those delicious autographs from the, what can only be assumed, throngs and throngs of Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and other tokusatsu properties headed to the next Power Morphicon convention.

Power Morphicon 2016 will be taking place on August 12th thru August 14th 2016 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California. As attendees of last year’s show, I can personally tell you that if you’re a fan of Power Rangers, Super Sentai, or anything tokusatsu related – just imagine a large dealer room full of nothing but tokusatsu toys, actors that are happy to see you and chat with you, voice actors yelling at you in their character’s voice as you walk by, and more friends than you ever thought you could have. You do NOT want to miss this year’s show – especially now that there will be a second hall open to show off a number of never before seen artwork, pictures, and so much more that will only be shown once!

Registration goes live at 9am PST/10am MDT/11am CST/12pm EST. How do you register? We’re happy to help you with that. CLICK THIS LINK TO GO STRAIGHT TO EVENT REGISTRATION. That’s your ticket to get your ticket! For those going for the Platinum registration – good luck!

Dekaranger 10 Years After 007

A new full-length trailer for Toei’s upcoming reunion special DekaRanger: 10 Years After is now online!

This gives us an excellent look at the returning team along with a few revived designs-

DekaRanger: 10 Years After will be released on DVD & Blu-Ray October 7, 2015! Be sure to join in our ongoing Discussion Thread for this exciting new adventure!


If there’s one constant in the world it would have to be that the majority of everyone everywhere loves things that are shiny. We here at are no different – we LOVE everything that shimmers and shines! And if you were at this year’s San Diego Comic Con 2015 then you had a chance to pick up the crystal clear Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger action vinyl figure from The Loyal Subjects!

And don’t worry – if you didn’t have a friend to grab you one there’s still time! The Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger crystal edition action vinyl figure is still available to purchase online at the Loyal Subject’s Online Store for the affordable price of $15.99.

Check out over 25 images of this awesome figure by clicking here and then head on out and order yours today! Go Go Power Rangers!

Kamen Rider Ghost Headshot

The TV-Asahi official listings for Kamen Rider Ghost has finally revealed the production team behind this exciting new series-

*Ghosts’ director is Satoshi Morota whose resume includes Timeranger, Gaoranger and Boukenger.

*The main writer for this series is one Takuro Fukuda, a veteran of several J-Drama projects and some episodes of Ultraman Max.

*The head producer for Kamen Rider Ghost is Kazuhiro Takahashi, previously an assistant director on Kamen Rider Fourze.

A mix of new talent and returning experts should make this a very entertaining show!

Kamen Rider Ghost officially premieres October 4 2015. Be sure to join in our Ongoing Rumor Thread to share your thoughts and fears about this new hero!

DX Surfermaru 041

Surfin’ Washoi!

We’re back with  another review of a recent addition to Shuriken Sentai Ninninger’s bizarre toyline! This time we’re taking a look at the ally of the seas, DX Otomonin Surfermaru!

DX Surfermaru is the last of the regular “upgrade” Otomonin aside from the Movie exclusive Dinomaru & the massive new mecha Lion Ha Oh. And while each toy in this line has been unique in it’s own right, Surfermaru is kind of bizarre. A robot that can ride a wheeled surf board or transform into a submarine form with a shark like face. It’s interesting to say the least. Possible combinations to be made with this toy are Shurikenjin Surfer & Bison King Surfer. It should also be noted that so far, Surfermaru is the only extra otomonin documented to have intentional functionality with Bison King.

We’ve got 60 images of DX Surfermaru in the full gallery (with review) which can be viewed by clicking the link at the bottom of this article. Next time for Ninninger we take a look at DX Lion Ha Oh!


You didn’t think we were done did you? That’s right – going through various files from our extensive coverage of this year’s San Diego Comic Con revealed a few tidbits of stuff that we left out with that whole “readjusting back to normal life” thing that you go through post-convention! This set of images is none other than the upcoming Legacy Blade Blaster!

Now, keep in mind these are images of a prototype, a not-ready-for-retail version. What ends up in our hands will LOOK very similar to this, but it will not necessarily be what you’re seeing in the display case. Speaking of the display case – let’s convince Bandai America to increase the lighting next year!!

Either way – this is a beautiful prop and we can’t wait to get it in our hands. As the Legacy line continues, Bandai America continues to increase the quality of the products they are putting out. And no matter how you spin it, that’s a win for fans and collectors alike. Check out the images by clicking the title of the story!

Kamen Rider Ghost

With his premiere still two months away, Kamen Rider Ghost is not even trying to be all secret and hush-hush like you’d expect a ghost to be (…yeah, bad joke, we’re sorry). Anyhow, thanks to an article at LiveDoor News we have ourselves the first “live-action” look at the upcoming hero Kamen Rider Ghost!

Kamen Rider Ghost premieres this coming October 2015 with his first appearance slated for the Kamen Rider Drive Surprise Future movie. Join in our discussion of all things Kamen Rider Ghost by clicking the “Discuss on the TokuNation forums” link!

Chouzetsu Starninger

In addition the Kamen Rider Ghost & Kamen Rider Drive August magazine scans that have popped up, we have a round of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger images as well! The following images reveal a few new details for the upcoming August airing episodes of the series.

First off we see the introduction of 3 brand new Great Yokai, but these aren’t the typical enemies of the Ninningers. These are the Great Western Yokai! Summoned by Ariake No Kata these three hail from America & Europe. Each of them is themed after a classic monster and are named in that fashion; Werewolf, Dracula, & Franken. Werewolf seems to be the final piece of the puzzle as to what happened to Starninger’s family.

And on the topic of Kinji it appears that another user of the Chouzetsu Changer has proven himself. In the comings months we’ll be treated to Chouzetsu Starninger! Details of Kinji’s new transformation have yet to be revealed but we’ll keep you up to date as we find out more about these upcoming episodes!