SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Baron Lemon Energy Arms 032

Fight, power! Fight, power! Fi-fi-fi-fi-fight!

Lemon Energy! TokuNation is back with another stellar gallery from Kamen Rider Gaim! Today our very own Kickback is supplying the sweetness with S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Baron Lemon Energy Arms!

Lemon Energy Baron was recently released as a Tamashii Nations 2014 at show exclusive, and a lottery system via the Tamashii Web Shop has also been opened for people to have a chance to purchase it. Regardless of how you come into possession of this figure, you need to. Lemon Energy Baron takes the already stellar Baron Banana Arms and catapults it to the next level. If the gorgeous next level detailing on Baron doesn’t sell you hard enough, then the 2 included version of the Sonic Arrow, 7 optional hands, and a Lemon Energy Lock Seed should more than do the job!

We’ve attached a selection of images to this post but click “Discuss on the TokuNation Forums” at the bottom of the post to see Kickback’s entire gallery! And be sure to leave a comment in the gallery thread linked to this post as it will qualify you for our Toku Toy Box Giveaway! Specifically leaving a comment in this thread will make you elligible to win our Top Gear Rider Legends prize pack! Check out full prize pack breakdowns and rules here!

Kamen Rider Mach Magazine 8

Several new magazine scans have been posted online, demonstrating the powers of the newest Kamen Rider!

Kamen Rider Mach (whose identity we will not reveal here out of respect for those avoiding spoilers) uses new items called Signal Bikes to fight the Roimudes. Each Signal Bike changes the Signal Panel on Mach’s shoulder and gives different attack options for Mach’s signature weapon, the Zenrin Shooter:

*Signal Kiken meaning Danger unlocks Mach Kiken and fires powerful shots.

*Signal Kakusan or all directions lets Mach Kakusan hit multiple targets at once.

*Signal Mageru, meaning turn allows Mach Mageru to change the direction of shots.

Mach also has the power to use Drive’s Shift Cars to enhance his fighting power, and is seen using Max Flare to turn the Zenrin Shooter into a flamethower.

Not to be outdone, two new Shift Cars are revealed in these scans: Road Winter and Amazing Circus! Definitely looks like good things are coming down the road for Kamen Rider Drive!

ToQger Emperor Z ToQ 1 Black

Along with magazine scans for Ninninger we’ve also just become aware of some huge Ressha Sentai ToQger images and news as well. A pair of scans have surfaced showcasing two new forms yet to be seen in the series:

  • ToQ 1 Black! A form apparently obtained by Emperor Z himself. This sparkling black suit appears to be made of a more vinyl like material as opposed to the lycra of the standard ToQger suits. Could this finally be the shining light Z has been after since he met Right?
  • Hyper ToQ 6! It looks like Akira will finally have his turn at the team power up! Though the circumstances of how and why are yet to be revealed.

We’ll update you as more information related to these scans becomes available!

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Magazine Scans 005

We all eagerly awaited the initial toy images and after our long wait for those full reveals, the first round of magazine scans for Shuriken Sentai Ninninger are out!

Though these images are taken rather close-up from a strange angle or two they give us a great look at some items and design elements of the Ninninger costumes:

-Shuriken visor desigins
-Ninnin Buckles with Shurikens
-Gamagama Gun
-Shinobi Ichibangatana

What do you think of this better look at the Ninninger suit designs? Sound off in the thread linked below!

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider ZO Akiba Showroom 04

The Tamashii Nations Akiba Showroom has just updated it’s display cases with some upcoming retail & exclusive figures!

-S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider ZO retail release for December, 4536 yen
-S.H. Figuarts Kikaider 01 Tamashii Web Exclusive for April, 5184 yen
-S.H. Figuarts Juspion Tamashii Web Exclusive for May, 5184 yen
-Ultra-Act Ultraman Hikari retail release for April, 4536 yen
-Ultra-Act Ultraman 80 Tamashii Web Exclusive for January, 4536 yen
-Ultra-Act Yullian Tamashii Web Exclusive for May, 4536 yen

Are you as excited for these upcoming releases as we are? Be sure to share your thoughts in the thread linked ot this story!

Bn7yRJu 1

More images from the recently announced Gaim Gaiden project have surfaced from 2chn revealing a pair of new Armored Riders that will be debuting in the V Cinema in addition to two new forms for Baron and Zangetsu! 

First off, the Apple lock seed will be returning this time in the form of Taboo. The Taboo Lock Seed will be utilized by Kamen Rider Baron to give birth to Taboo Arms but it seems that the seed will also be utlized by a new Armored Rider: Eden.

On the Zangetsu side, we have the Proto-10 Lock Seed which seems to be based on the Sukia(Watermelon Arms) Seed! The most significant change here is the addition of a gating gun to the Melon Defender. The 2nd New Rider is Kamen Rider Hades whom appears to be using the Dragon Fruit Energy Lock Seed that appeared in Movie War Full Throttle.

What do you think of these new forms? Looking forward to the V Cinema? Discuss in the thread after the jump.

DX Yomotsuheguri Lock Seed

“YOMOTSUHEGURI ARMS, MEI KAI YOMI YOMI YOMI!” The latest Premium Bandai release happens to be one of the most sinister items from Kamen Rider Gaim, one that could pretty much kill its user from overuse. That’s right, this is the video for the Yomotsuheguri Lock Seed! With the cosmetic appearance of a gold and red Budou Lock Seed, this new release contains completely different sounds.

Making its first appearance in Episode 42 of the series, this mysterious gold and red Lock Seed was promised to give its user enough power to crush Kamen Rider Gaim. Even though they were told that the risk of using it for too long could lead to it draining their life force, the user still decided to use it, enabling them to take on the form of Ryugen-Yomi Yomotsuheguri Arms. With the in-show ability to summon the weapons of the Overlords, it served to be a counterpart to Gaim’s own Kiwami Arms.

The Lock Seed itself features the standard Squash, Au Lait and Sparking finisher sounds, but also features the phrases spoken by its user! This Lock Seed also comes with the Ryugen-Yomi Rider Indicator faceplate that you can attach to your Sengoku Driver! The set itself was released just recently as a Premium Bandai item, for the price of 2160 yen.

G Stag Reddia 2 Pack Magazine

The latest round of magazine scans have given us confirmation on upcoming products first displayed at Tamashii Nations 2014! 

The Juuko B-Fighter 2-pack of S.H. Figuarts G-Stag & Reddie is oa Tamashii Web Exclusive set for May release for 10,800 yen. Included are their trademark weapons of course, but they also have the bonus of their Pulsabers! We can also see from the scan below that the set includes Blue Beet’s Pulsaber as well!

Next up we have release info for S.H. Figuarts Machine Chaser & Ride Chaser! The good news is that both of these figures will be retail releases! Machine Chaser himself will be released in May for 4860 yen. The Ride Chaser bike will likewise be released in May, and for the same price, 4860 yen.

Arms Change Duke Dragon Energy Arms

We finally have our first look at the latest Premium release in Kamen Rider Gaim’s Arms Change line! ACPB07 Kamen Rider Duke Dragon Energy Arms was just teased on the Premium Bandai website and now not only do we have this initial image, but also release details!

As we can see the original AC Duke’s been slightly remolded to reflect this form as it appears in Drive X Gaim Movie War Full Throttle. The actual Dragon Fruit Energy Arms bears some engineering resemblance to the original Lemon Energy Arms. Duke Dragon Energy Arms will retail for 4320 yen, pre-orders will be open from December 24th (Christmas Eve) through March 3rd 2015 with a release mostly likely in April or May.


The Garo Project Youtube Channel has uploaded a new teaser for the upcoming project Garo: Gold Storm.

This short video gives us a brief look at Makai Knight Ryuga, Makai Priest Rian and their new enemy- a mysterious dark knight played by Shunya Isaka.

The Gold Storm begins on March 28 2015!