S H Figuarts Akaranger 066


TokuNation has at long last made it’s way back to the first Sentai. Well, the show that retroactively is known as the first. Himitsu Sentai Goranger! Though it was nearly 20 years after it’s debut that this series gained it’s Super Sentai status it’s unquestionable that the series began a long tradition of colorful spandex heroes helping some big eyed bug men save Japan. So it’s about time that Bandai got around to making S.H. Figuarts Akaranger!

What better way to celebrate this legend than with a gorgeous sculpt, paint job and wealth of accessories? S.H. Figuarts Akaranger is no slouch! He includes several sets of new hands, two versions of his iconic Red Bute rope weapon, the Silver Shot pistol, the Birdie flying rockets, and even a version of the Goranger Storm Ball! Though this figure is a bit on the large side it’s still a fantastic addition to any sentai collector’s display.

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Note that although the name on the box is spelled Akarenger, (official romanization) generally his name in English is accepted to be Akaranger, and Toei’s subsequent use of the actual word “Ranger” in many series and hero names would imply that should be the correct term in this instance. So for consistency we went with that.

Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild

The second form of Kamen Rider Drive has been revealed!
Thanks to a vinyl collectors’ figurine leaking out before the intended release date, we have our first look at Drive: Type Wild! This new armor is apparently built for heavy-duty combat, with the Tire moving to Drive’s shoulder instead of the chest.


The secert origins of Type Wild remain unknown at the time of writing. Stay tuned to TokuNation as we keep you up to date on all Kamen Rider Drive news!

66 Action Kamen Rider Wave 5

Despite the release of wave 4 still being a few months away, Bandai have officially unveiled the fifth wave of 66 Action Kamen Rider figures via their website. This wave of the popular candy toy line will include, Mashin Chaser (from Kamen Rider Drive), Kamen Rider OOO Tajador combo, Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Black.

The wave will be hitting in March 2015, with the figures costing 380 yen each. Look forward to preorders soon!

66 Action Ultraman 01

Following their initial reveal last month, we now have official images of the forthcoming wave of 66 Action Ultraman figures. Like the Kamen Rider waves, these are small poseable candy toy figures that each also come with a piece of soda-flavoured candy. Included in this first wave are the original Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Ginga Strium and a Baltan Seijin.

The figures will retail for 380 yen each and be released in January 2015, with preorders likely to be going up in the next few days!

SHFiguarts Drive Reveal 2

This is certainly a quick turn around! Despite the series itself only being in it’s 3rd week, it looks like S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed is on the horizon!

Teased by the official Tamashii Features twitter account is our very first look at Drive. You may recall that last year Kamen Rider Gaim premiered on October 6th and just 2 weeks later the first gray prototype of S.H. Figuarts Gaim was revealed prior to Tamashii Nations. Kamen Rider Drive premiered October 5th and has had what appears to be a fully colored prototype revealed on October 19th in anticipation of the same event.

Tamashii Nations 2014 will being on October 31st so we can expect more in depth looks at this brand new figure then!


Youtube reviewer wotakufighter has obtained the DX Tridoron vehicle from Kamen Rider Drive’s toyline, and a new video review demonstrates this supercar’s features- including cross-compatibility with the Tire Koukan action figure series.

DX Tridoron is available from all major tokusatsu retailers and costs a mere 7344 Yen!


Rose Attacker 001

In a world where fruits and nuts become dangerous Lock Seed armaments, wild flora becomes a means of transportation for the heroes (and villains) of Kamen Rider Gaim! Today we are looking at the Tamashii Nations Web Exclusive release of the S.H. Figuarts Rose Attacker motorcycle, used primarily by Kamen Rider Baron in the popular series Kamen Rider Gaim.

Click the “Discuss on the TokuNation Forums” link at the bottom right of this post to see 31 total images of the S.H. Figuarts Rose Attacker and to read our review of this Tamashii Nations Web Exclusive item! Initially delayed a couple of months, was it worth the wait? Is it a must-buy for fans of Kamen Rider Gaim? All that and more are answered! Leave your comments! Did you get one? What are YOUR thoughts? Discuss!

LWW Kamen Rider Den O Final Countdown

This is the end folks! The Kamen Rider Den-O TV Series ends here! But don’t let that stop you, we’ve got 1 episode to view this week and 2 movies!

All of time is at stake and the child of Airi & Yuuto is revealed! Den-O, Zeronos, Momtaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Deneb, Hana, Naomi, and even Sieg! Everyone is here for the end. It’s all come down to this, the Imagin must destroy the future they’ve come from to save the world that’s meant to be. Can they survive?!

Climax Deka is here! With the battle against Kai over, Team Den-Liner has taken on the task of policing time and destroying rogue Imagin. But one, Negataros, will use the power of Nega Den-O and create his own evil organization. The only way to stop him? Team up with the one and only Kamen Rider Kiva!

And, it’s the Final Countdown. Two new trains of time have appeared! The Ghost Train controlled by the evil Kamen Rider Yuuki and, New Den-Liner?! The hero of a future 50 years from now and Ryutaro’s grandson, Kamen Rider New Den-O,  arrives with his Imagin Teddy to protect the present. An unprecedented team-up of Den-O and the Imagin is at hand for the final explosive battle!

But that isn’t even the end! We’ll be back next week with another trip down memory lane with a Den-O movie! Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: Onigashima Warship! Following that will be the FINAL week of Den-O on Let’s Watch Wednesdays with the Chou Den-O Trilogy of movies!

S H Figuarts Bio Robo Rider 007

TokuNation is ready to kick off another round of new galleries, and this time with a  one-two punch of classic Showa Rider action! This week we spotlight Kamen Rider Black RX’s two alternate forms; Bio Rider & Robo Rider!

Bio Rider, known as the Prince of Anger, was RX’s second form. Born in a life threatening situation RX achieved this form to rescue his ally Joe The Haze. And S.H. Figuarts Bio Rider is definitely one finely detailed figure, one of the best detailed figuarts for some time, featuring some of Bandais recent trend of real detailing. Right down to “folds” in the costumes fabric which are faithfully recreated. Bio Rider comes complete with an astonishing 5 full sets of extra hands and his trademark Bio Blade weapon.

Robo Rider, known as the Prince of Sorrow, was RX’s first surprising alternate form. In response to the supposed death of the young girl Hitomi, Robo Rider debuted in battle against Death Garon. S.H. Figuarts Robo Rider is sadly not one of the best figuarts released recently and includes only a few extra hands along with his Vortech Shooter. However this figure along with Bio Rider completes a display of Kamen Rider Black/RX for figuarts collectors. Though it isn’t as nice as Bio Rider, there’s enough there to love.

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Lets Watch Wednesdays All Stars

It’s time for Let’s Watch Wednesdays to select it’s next segment! Our current viewing of Kamen Rider Den-O will be all over in just a few weeks which means it’ll be time to serve up something new to the community.

This time however we’ve gone back through our old polls and nomination threads for LWW and put together an all-stars list. Not just any list either, but 5 Power Rangers series! The 5 Power Rangers series the community has voted for or nominated the most in the past are all featured in this poll! For many of us Power Rangers was our introduction to the entire tokusatsu genre, so it’s time to celebrate that influence by checking out one of these past seasons!

  • Power Rangers In Space
  • Power Rangers Zeo
  • Power Rangers Time Force
  • Power Rangers Jungle Fury
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

To vote for one of these seasons to be our next segment, click “discuss on the TokuNation forums” at the bottom of this post to be taken to our poll thread! This poll will be open from today 10/14 until 10/31 with our new segment beginning the following Wednesday.