Thanksgiving Balloon

With thanks to Fury Diamond, check out this video of the Mighty Morphin Red Power Ranger balloon at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

From all of us here at, we wish all of you a very safe and very happy Thanksgiving!

ToQger VS Kyoryuger Scans 01

December magazine scans have just been released and we’ve got another round to post! This time we’re looking at Ressha Sentai ToQger episodes for December!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for the ToQgers as Emperor Z plans the usual holiday mischief Sentai villains get up to. It looks like the Emperor may have gained a new powered up form for the holidays as well. General Schwarz will come face to face with the Emperor once more and it appears a doppelganger Zaram or TOQ-6 are on the loose too, a 3 way battle between ToQ-1, TOQ-6, & Zaram?! It’s coming!

On the ToQger VS Kyoryuger Movie front we have confirmation that all 6 main Kyoryugers will have primary roles in the film. The enemies for the film have also been revealed as the new Deboss generals Salamaz & Devius, along with Clock Shadow. The ToQgers will also be reverted to their child forms but still capable of transformation! The Kyoryugers will also be bringing the gigantic Brave Zyudenchi to the mix, seemingly it can combine with Red Ressha!

Ressha Sentai ToQger VS Kyoryuger : The Movie hits theaters January 17th 2015!

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Kamen Rider Drive Type Technique 01

December magazine scans have just been released and so we have our first round to post. For Kamen Rider Drive we have images showcasing Drive’s upcoming Type Technique form! Technique opts to move the Tire Koukan gimmick to Drive’s upper chest/neck area, we’ll see how that plays out in show, we’ve already seen a toy image of it though. Prior to getting this form Drive will also receive the new Door Gun!

Rounding out the info from these scans we see the introduction of FIVE  new Shift Cars as well. Shift Rolling Gravity Shift Fire Braver, Shift Road Winter, Shift Colorful Commercial, & Shift Deco Traveler! In addition to this Drive will also be able to access the Type Wild mode of Tridoron! A third, female Roidmude on the same level as Heart & Brain will also be introduced named Medic.

Drive Gaim Movie War Full Throttle 03

Included in a recently released batch of magazine scans for the upcoming Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle, we have our first  real look at these two upcoming forms!

Kamen Rider Drive Type Fruits sees Shinosuke using the Fruits Shift Car to gain a Gaim-esque set of Orange armor complete with a Daidaimaru & Musou Saber! Kamen Rider Gaim Drive Arms is accessed by Kouta using the Drive Lockseed, gaining him a set of armor inspired by Drive’s default Type Speed form complete with Drive’s signature Handle Sword!

The other included scans give us another look at the various Gaim Beat & Energy Riders returning for this team-up as well as several of the films villains.

pr legendary battle

That was unexpected!

For a week now Power Rangers has hyped up tonight’s extended episode of “The Legendary Battle” pretty heavy across social media and even on television. And TokuNation was there to live-tweet the whole 75 minutes to you! Here’s a recap of the entire episode, which included “The Wrath” as part of the 75 minutes.

  • 75 minutes long with commercials
  • “The Wrath” featured extended scenes
  • Longer “New Powers” fight scene
  • Extended Mr. Burley and Ernie scenes
  • Extra dialogue for Levira
  • Extended scene where Tommy saves a boy from a falling car
  • Extra dialogue before the Power Rangers fight the last general in the last episode
  • A longer battle with the X-Borgs while fighting the general
  • Silver Ranger turns in to Mighty Morphin Green Ranger and gives the Dragon Shield to Red Ranger, who wears it as he transforms in to the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
  • An entirely new scene where the Power Rangers use all their Legendary Ranger Modes to fight Emperor Mavro
  • A helmetless morph scene (just like in Gokaiger for those familiar with the Super Sentai version)
  • Extra footage of the Legendary Rangers putting on their helmets
  • Dialogue for Karone the Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger as she says “I love being a Power Ranger” as her face morphs in to her villain form of Astronema

So there you have it. We probably missed an item or two, especially during “The Wrath” only because we didn’t bother to re-watch it before this special extended edition aired. So now it comes down to the big question – was this finale worth it? In this writer’s humble opinion – yes, it was. It felt like we got a fitting end to Emperor Mavro and any dialogue added for our Legendary Rangers is a win. But does it correct the flaws with Power Rangers Super Megaforce? That one we’ll leave up to you.

Linked to this news post is a new discussion thread and a new poll for this extended episode. Please take a moment to vote on it and share your thoughts. This episode will be available online in a few hours at!

Power Rangers Dino Charge Dino Cycle Red Ranger 054

Dino Cycle Charger! Engage! Energize!
Unleash The Power! Deinonychus!

TokuNation is proud to present the first in a series of complete, in depth, hi-res galleries for Power Rangers Dino Charge! Today we take a look at the mode of transportation for this years prehistoric heroes, the Dino Cycle compelte with 5″ Red Ranger!

The Dino Cycle is of course based on the Deinochaser from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. A vehicle regulalry used by the entire team, the Dino Cycle appears to have had quite a bit of additional original footage filmed for use in Dino Charge! The Dino Cycle toy itself is a pretty huge leap forward from the vehicles we’ve gotten used to the last several years. Able to separate into it’s 2 unique Deinonychus components as well as acommodate 5″ Power Rangers figures, the Dino Cycle also incorporates the Zord Builder system! best of all is that if you’ve been after the elusively expensive and rare Deinochaser toy, the Dino Cycle is a wonderful stand-in that even scales well with your S.H. Figuarts Kyoryugers!

Check out a full 60 image gallery of this great new addition to the Power Rangers Dino Charge toyline after the jump by clicking “Discus on the TokuNation Forums” at the bottom of this post. In the words of our newest team of rangers, Unleash the power! We’ll be back in a few days with a complete Dino Charge Megazord gallery courtesy of our very own Kickback!

Zeo Ranger Keys Pack B

Yesterday we saw two of these as yet unreleased Ranger Key Packs for the first time. Today brings us further images and character confirmation on tons of these new packs that have yet to hit US retail! Thanks to some likely questionable methods a seller on Chinese auction site Taobao has been selling the new key packs. Here’s the breakdown of what we know:

In Space Pack B
Red (Translucent)


Time force Pack B
Red (Translucent)
Green (Translucent)

Dino Thunder Pack B
Red (Translucent)

Samurai Pack B
Red (Translucent)

Operation Overdrive Pack B
Red (Translucent)

Wild Force Pack B
Lunar Wolf

Jungle Fury Pack B
Yellow (Translucent)

Turbo Pack B
Blue Senturion
Phantom Ranger

Zeo Pack B

Lost Galaxy Pack B
Green (Translucent)
Magna Defender

Alien Pack B

This news was first reported yesterday with the discovery of the Turbo & Lost Galaxy B pack images. These new images have come to light thanks to the sleuthing of regular fandom contributor @PockyBandit on twitter! It appears that several of these new packs have already been sold by this particular Taobao seller as well, it could be only a matter of days before someone in the fandom has them in hand to share hi-res images!

White legacy morpher

Chalk this one up to unexpected (at least, unexpected this soon!).

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie White Ranger Legacy Morpher has been released at Toys’R’Us. A member of the Facebook Rangers group, Chris Hagen, spotted the morpher and purchased it earlier today. The morpher comes with a gold White Tiger coin as well as a gold White Falcon coin. Unfortunately, the electronics remain the same as the previous releases, making this (other than the coins) simply another repaint. It’s important to note – it appears that the White Tiger coin is the same coin released in the SDCC 2013 Exclusive Green & White Ranger Morpher (gold and not weathered).

With Power Rangers Dino Charge at Toys’R’Us, this simply creates more excitement to get to your local Toys’R’Us to grab those new Power Rangers toys. Are you going to be picking up this new morpher? Sound off in discussion!


At the annual fan-festival in Japan this weekend, a variety of new projects were announced to celebrate the legendary Golden Knight’s tenth anniversary. With thanks to The Tokusatsu Network for translations:

The cast of Garo: Yami O Terasu Mono (literally The One Who Shines In Darkness) will return for a new film called Gold Storm directed by Garo creator Keita Amemiya, to be released on March 28 2015. This film will serve as a pilot for the newest Garo season, also called Gold Storm.

The cast of recently-concluded season Makai No Hana will return for a sequel film (title and details unconfirmed at the time of writing) and a spinoff film, Biku Yamigirinochi following the mysterious Makai Priestess.

A second season and film project were announced for the animated series Garo: Seal of Flames but no other details are available at this time.

Finally, a special Garo-themed musical project (tentatively titled Makai Opera and also directed by Amemiya) is being developed- release details to be confirmed.

Definitely a bright future for the mighty Golden Knight!