SurferMaru 2

The latest round of magazine scans also gives us a close look at the newest Otomo-Nin: SurferMaru!

This new Mecha is a purple submarine capable of transforming into a surfing robot. Like previous Otomo-Nin, SurferMaru can combine with ShurikenJin- creating the ShurikenJin Surfer configuration!

The origins of this new Otomo-Nin are unknown at the time of writing. Stay tuned to TokuNation as we keep you up to date on all Ninninger news!

Godzilla Rulers Of Earth 24 Preview 06

Tomorrow a new issue of IDW‘s Godzilla Rulers Of Earth hits comic stores and we’ve got the preview for you!

Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #24

Earth is on the verge of destruction! Will Godzilla be able to escape his imprisonment in time to help save the planet? And which kaiju will help or hinder him?

Read on to preview this issue!

Kamen Rider Dark Drive Type Next Magazine Reveal 001

Previously spotted on set  while filming has been underway for the Kamen Rider Drive Surprise Future movie, we finally have a full reveal of the rider who commands the NEX Tridoron!

Kamen Rider Dark Drive Type Next is as the name implies an evil rider from the future, the year 2035! Dark Drive uses his powers to help Roidmudes attack humans and has the Shift Next Builder, Next Hunter, and Next Decotraveler Cars at his disposal!

Dark Drive’s personal Shift Car Next/Special allows for two separate forms to be used. Will Dark Drive be redeemed and use Type Special to save the past and the future? Or will the present Drive be able to harness it’s power? Find out this summer!

Kamen Rider Ghost Trademark

After a number of false starts and fake leads, it seems we finally have a name for the 17th Heisei Kamen Rider!

Toei has filed a trademark for the name Kamen Rider Ghost! The new series and toyline will replace Kamen Rider Drive on shelves & airwaves later this year.

Sadly, no other information about Kamen Rider Ghost is available at the time of writing. Feel free to join in our ongoing Kamen Rider Rumor Discussion to share your hopes, dreams and fears about this upcoming project!

Drive Type Tridoron 1

A new round of magazine scans has been posted online, giving us our first official look at Kamen Rider Drive’s final form- Type Tridoron!

Type Tridoron is unlocked using the Shift Tridoron Shift Car and allows Drive to fuse multiple Shift Cars with a new ability called Tire Kakimazeru or Mix-Up.

In addition the scans show a new form for the villainous Roimudes– a modified golden frame known as Cho Shinkatai (meaning Super-Evolved Body).

Things are taking a strange turn during Kamen Rider Drive’s final laps! Stay tuned to TokuNation as we keep you up to date on all Drive details!

Screenshot 2015 05 25 15 11 05

In an odd bit of news it appears that a selection of classic Japanese tokusatsu will be headed to Netflix! In Brazil.

According to Jbox the following shows will made available with at least subs and possible portugese dubs on Brazillian Netflix courtesy of the Sato Company!

Dengeki Sentai Changeman
Choushinsei Flashman
Kamen Rider Black
National Kid
Kidou Keiji Jiban
Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya
Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion

Japanese-Brazilian entrepreneur Nelson Sato, who imported such things as the Cybercop franchise to Brazil in the 1990’s, orchestrated this deal with Toei after his company released the above series on DVD previously (aside from Kamen Rider Black). An exact date for when these shows will be added to instant streaming on Netflix Brazil hasn’t been announced yet but another press release is incoming from Sato Company regarding these series and several others!

SIC Kamen Rider Birth Prototype 09

Rounding off the recent drop of Tamashii web exclusives is S.I.C. Kamen Rider Birth Prototype. This alternate version of the secondary Kamen Rider OOO rider with a selection of alternate hands, replacement head, Birth Buster weapon and the Crane Arm, Breast Cannon and Cutter Wing modules. These modules can be combined with the ones included with the standard Birth to create the Birth CLAWs scorpion droid.

He can be yours this November for the price of 8640 yen. Check out the full selection of pics after the jump!


Ultra Act Ultraman Cosmos 02

“Transform Musashi, for the Earth!”

Coming as a Tamashii web exclusive this October is Ultra-Act Ultraman Cosmos, star of the 2001 Ultra series of the same name. Based on the character’s default Luna Mode, Cosmos comes packaged with six alternate hands, replacement red colour timer and effect parts for his Luna Extract and Full Moon Rect attacks.

He can be yours for the price of 5184 yen. Check out the full selection of pics after the jump!

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider 3 Official 002

We only just found out that Rider 3 was being released last night thanks to a new Figure Oh Magazine scan. And today Bandai has released a small selection of official images of this figure!

S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider 3 is surprisingly going to be released at normal retail in October for 5184 yen!

SIC Kikaider 09

Change! Switch On!

The Super Imaginative Chogokin line returns to it’s roots with a brand new edition of the classic Shotaro Ishinomori hero, Kikaider! Before the line started tackling Kamen Rider, it was to the cast of the Android Kikaider franchise and now the hero is getting a modern update over 15 years later.

Kikaider comes packaged with a selection of alternate hands and a pair of “Denji End” finishing move effect parts. A Tamashii web exclusive release due in October, Kikaider will cost 7344 yen.

Click on to see more images of this fantastic looking figure!