Boom Red Ranger

Good news for comic book fans!

Publisher Boom! Studios has reached an agreement with Saban Brands to produce a new comic series based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers– with a series of posters that combine to form a six-page comic to be available at San Diego Comic-Con next month! The poster/comic will feature the combined talents of Daniel Bayliss and
Mairghread Scott!

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SH Figuarts Kikaider 01 038

Change! Kikaider 01!

We’re back, with yet another figure from a toku classic! We’ve slowly been working our way through S.H. Figuarts released from the Kikaider franchise, and today we’re taking a look at yet another. Kikaider 01’s titular hero, S.H. Figuarts Kikaider 01!

Kikaider 01, Ichiro, is the older brother of the original Kikaider Jiro. Dr. Komyoji’s original prototype, 01 is a bit more emotional as his conscience circuit was actually completed. He’s also unique in that he was solar powered. The figuart sets itself apart from the first Kikaider by actually being a well made toy. Seriously, Kikaider 01 is a vast improvement over Kikaider with some solid articulation & much better QC. Overall it’s just a much better release and shows that Bandai finally found their footing with this subline.

We’ve attached a selection of images to this post but check out a full 40 image gallery as well as a complete review after the jump! And check in with us next time as we take a look at another classic from the Kikaider franchise with Kikaider 01’s nemesis, S.H. Figuarts Gill Hakaider!

SH Figuarts Rideron Official 011

Release details were just revealed for this figure a few days ago and now Bandai of Japan has just released official images of S.H. Figuarts Rideron! Fans of Saban’s Masked Rider will undoubtedly recognize this vehicle as Magno, Dex’s trusty vehicle & ally.

Rideron, like the upcoming S.H. Figuarts Tridoron, is another large scale vehicle release from Bandai. However unlike Tridoron, Rideron is indeed a retail release! Priced at 19,440 yen this massive machine will set you back but it also completes a Black/Black RX Figuarts collection for many collectors as the final vehicle in that subline. S.H. Figuarts Rideron will be released this November.


Dekaranger 10 Years After 007

While it continues filming more information and phots are turning up from the upcoming Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger 10 Years After V-cinema!

Today’s update brings us our first looks at most of the returning cast. Primarily we see Ban/Deka Red in his new Fire Squad uniform as well as what looks like a super SWAT upgrade to his Deka Red form! Tetsu/Deka Break also returns this time as a much higher ranking officer, possibly in charge of the Tokkyou unit.

Houji/Deka Blue is back but far from the cool & collected man we knew, this new disheveled look indicates he’s been down on his luck these past 10 years. Jasmine/Deka Yellow & Doggy/Deka Master return as well apparently with no change. Meanwhile 2 new faces, Neo Deka Red (Assam Asimov) & Neo Deka Yellow (Mugi Grafton), have joined the team! The newcomers have costumes that come with a SWAT vest at default and a new sidearm.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you updates from this exciting new V-Cinema! Dekaranger 10 years After will be released on DVD & Blu-Ray on October 7th!

Kamen Rider Drive Surprise Future 001

As with Ninninger earlier this morning Kamen Rider Drive July magazine scans have been posted for both the TV Series as well as the Surprise Future summer film! These scans feature plenty of new and interesting surprises as well!

Kamen Rider Drive Type Special – the reverse of Kamen Rider Dark Drive and the other half of the Next/Special Shift Car. This form will also be exclusive to SUrprise Future like Drive Super Dead Heat.

Proto-Tridoron – Not to be outdone by the NEX Tridoron featured in the film the original Tridoron from the future also makes an appearance. Specifically a Proto-Drive themed version of it!

Rodimude 108 – Despite the apparent fact that only 107 of these creatures are supposed to exist in the world of Drive #108 arrives from the future.

Heart Ultimate Evolution – Heart’s current goal in recent episodes is to use the emotions evoked by Shinnosuke to achieve this form. And it looks like this July he’ll achieve it!

These are some interesting developments indeed! Stay tuned to Drive this summer to see how things play out!

Dino Charge Megazord 024

A new Megazord toy is out in the wild!

The good people at RangerCrew were lucky enough to find the Deluxe Ptera Charge Megazord at a Wal-Mart in California.

A brief video examination of this Megazord has been posted online by RangerCrew, giving fans a close look at the Gold Zord and a couple teasers for future Zord-Builder combinations.

If you are lucky enough to find this new Megazord, feel free to share your thoughts in our Official Dino Charge Toy Listings Thread! Happy hunting!

AkaNinjer Chozetsu Scan 1

Several new magazine scans have been posted online, giving us an extended look at the Ninningers’ newest power: transcending the limits of Nintality to become AkaNinger Chozetsu!

Takaharu unlocks this new form with the Chozetsu Changer, obtaining heavy armor and much stronger attacks.

To master this new form, Takaharu must locate the Celestial Otomo-Nin– otherwise known as Lion HaOh! Several fantastic images of this massive new mecha are included among the scans. In addition, we have learned that Lion HaOh is protected by a mysterious human called Shishi– played by singer Yukio Yamagata, who some fans may recognize as the voice behind Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger’s opening theme.

Last but certainly not least, the scans have included a look at the Ninninger’s Movie Exclusive upgrade- ShurikenJin Dino! A new orange Otomo-Nin appears to aid the Ninningers in their fight for the Splendid Ninja Scroll.

Definitely some exciting times ahead for the 39th Super Sentai Series! Stay tuned to TokuNation as we keep you up to date on all Ninja news!

Dino Charge Graphite Ranger 002

Another find by the awesome @razzle1337 on Twitter brings us the official images for the Power Rangers Dino Charge 5″ figures of the Gold Ranger, Graphite Ranger, and the Ptera Charge Megazord!

These figures are currently available, having been located in Wal-Mart stores, but these are our first official images of these figures. Join in our discussion – are these MUST BUY figures? How much longer do we have to wait for the other Dino Charge Power Rangers? Sound off!

Dino Charge Dino Drive Black Ranger 001

The unknown power up for the Power Rangers Dino Charge is shown through official images of the upcoming Dino Drive figures of the Power Rangers Dino Charge 5″ assortment! With special thanks to @razzle1337 on Twitter we can now take a nice up close look at these figures that were first spotted at Toy Fair 2015!

Join in the discussion! Are you going to double dip on your heroes and pick these figures up? Sound off!

Dino Charge Gold Ranger Bike 001

Another find by the always amazing @razzle1337 on Twitter shows us the official images for the next wave of the Power Rangers Dino Charge Bike with Figure! Check out the Gold Ranger and the Graphite Ranger rocking their bikes in these photos of the upcoming toys!

Do you plan to pick these up to add to your collection of figures with bikes? Sound off in discussion!