StarNinger Magazine Scan 1

After some good partial images early this week, we now have several full-page images featuring Shuriken Sentai Ninninger’s sixth member- StarNinger!

These scans offer us excellent details on StarNinger’s arsenal- in particular the Star SwordGun weapon that StarNinger uses to fight against the Yokai.

In addition the scans provide a close look at StarNinger’s Otomo-nin combo, RodeoMaru and the Bison Buggy! These two can combine to form a new Mecha, Bison King!

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SHF W Luna Trigger 023

Coming off our 400th anniversary special our resident Photo & Content contributor Ryan is back to continue his series of classic Kamen Rider W galleries! Today he’s taking a look at S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider W Luna/Trigger!

One of the myriad two tone forms Kamen Rider W has access to, Luna/Trigger is one of his 3 “basic” combos. The Luna Gaia Memory gives W the ability to stretch his limbs in incredible inhuman ways, whil the Trigger Memory gives him access to the powerful Trigger Magnum. The potent combination of the two allows W to hit otherwise impossible targets in spectacular ways.

Check out our full review & gallery of this figure by clicking “discuss on the TokuNation forums” at the bottom of this post.

Power Rangers Dino Charge Marketing Poster 01

While Dino Charge is unfortunately pre-empted this weekend due to Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards, the good people at RangerCrew have uploaded a preview for the next new episode!

Double Ranger, Double Danger airs April 4, 2015 at 12pm EST on Nickelodeon! Be sure to tune in and enjoy- preliminary reports suggest this will be the LAST new episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge for quite a while!

Kamen Rider Chaser 007

After a blurry image and a shaky on set video, the newest rider for Kamen Rider Drive has been fully revealed!

Sporting some snazy new white & purple looks & taking inspiration from Kamen Rider Mach, a Mach Driver, and using the new Chaser Shift bike, Chase makes his debut as Kamen Rider Chaser! A rider once already in his life, what can Chase bring to the table now?!

Discuss these new images by clicking “discuss on the TokuNation forums” at the bottom of this post. And discuss any further rampant rumors for Drive in our posted rumors & speculations thread! 

ToQ 7 Censored

Did the Ninninger scans overtake your morning? Well how about one last ride down the rails with Ressha Sentai ToQger? Straight from the upcoming ToQger Returns V-Cinema we finally have confirmation on the identity of the newest addition to the team, ToQ 7 (ToQ Nanago)!

We’ve opted to post an edited  version of the reveal image on the main page so as not to spoil everyone. Though it does confirm that we’ll be seeing Hyper ToQ 7 in this V-Cinema special as well. Click “Discuss on the TokuNation Forums” at the bottom of this post to be taken to the full spoilerific image reveal for ToQ 7!

Likewise this image also confirms that we’ll be seeing the child & adult versions of the ToQgers team-up together! Shown here are the 2 versions of ToQ 1.


Starninger 002 Civilian

Today is the start of a fresh batch of magazine scans flooding the internet, so let’s start off with the sentai batches! From Shuriken Sentai Ninninger we have the following:

Starninger civilian form. Real name Kinji Takigawa. Came from America & decided to be a ninja after encountering the Last Ninja, Yoshitaka Igasaki.
Ninja Red & Hurricane Red Shurikens! From the upcoming 3 ninja team episode crossover. The Kakuranger ninshuriken will allow the user to create doubles while the Hurricanger ninshuriken allows the user to use the Huuricane Red’s Soragake technique.
Rodeomaru & Bison King. Rodeomaru will be the core unit of Bison King much like Shinobimaru is for Shurikenjin.

Credit to TokuNation forum member Sunred for translations of these scans as well!

Pacific Rim Tales From The Drift

Good news for fans wanting more Kaiju & Jaeger action!

A new comic book miniseries based on the 2013 fan-favorite film Pacific Rim has been announced!

Titled Tales From The Drift- this new series will be spread over four issues and explore new adventures in the Pacific Rim Universe. The story was developed by Pacific Rim’s screenwriter, Travis Beacham and will be adapted to comic book format by writer Joshua Fialkov and artist Marcos Marz.

Tales From The Drift will arrive in stores starting in November 2015!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie Legacy Ivan Ooze 001

Haven’t had enough of the old Ooze yet? Well our frequent contributor and friend Baltmatrix is back with a new video review to satisfy your needs!

Today Balt’s taking a look at the Power Rangers Movie Legacy 5″ Ivan Ooze figure! A recent entry in Bandai of America’s Toys R Us exclusive Power Rangers Legacy line, Legacy Ivan Ooze aims to recreate this movie exclusive villain as he originally appeared. Check out Baltmatrix’s video review below to see just how well the figure turned out.

And be sure to check out TokuNation’s recent gallery of this figure. In fact we just celebrated our 400th toy gallery with a look at both the Legacy Ivan Ooze figure, as well as the vintage Evil Space Aliens Ivan Ooze from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toyline! Be sure to check out the above video all 80 images, then let us know what you think of both figures in the poll attached to the discussion thread.

150324 csmdiendriver 01

Hot off the hells of the CSM DecaDriver release, Premium Bandai went ahead and opened the official web page for the Complete Selection Modification Diend Driver!

At the moment, it isn’t known if the Driver will have a working card scanner or new sounds like the Deca Driver has, for now all we know is that it will include Diend’s belt plate as well.

Will cost 17280 yen, pre orders will open April 24th and will run till July 6th 2015 with a shipping date of October.

Premium Bandai will reveal more information on this piece when pre orders open on the 24th.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie Legacy Ivan Ooze 038

“Ladies and gentlemen, the ooze is back!”

TokuNation has been hard at work and finally we are proud to present our monumental 400th gallery special! That’s right! In just over 3 short years TokuNation has posted 400 toy galleries ranging various television series and toy lines. So in honor of today’s 400th gallery entry we’ve got a 2-for-1 for you. Gallery 400 features both the vintage Evil Space Aliens Ivan Ooze figure from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toyline AND the modern 5″ Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers Legacy toyline!

This double gallery features comprehensive reviews of these 2 unique figures as well as 40 images of each! We’ve even thrown in some comparison shots of the two together! With the 20th anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie mere months away, what better way could we begin our celebration of it than to bring you a double dose of one of the most often looked over villains in toku history! We’ve also attached a poll to the discussion thread after the jump, so sound off and let us know which Ivan Ooze you prefer to terrorize your Power Rangers collection!