Megaforce Red 001

When the going gets tough, the tough shout out “GO GO MEGAFORCE!”, and they never, NEVER let go of their weapons! is back with another gallery and review of the Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5″ Figures, and this time it’s none other than the current leader of the team, the Megaforce Red Ranger with thanks to Fury Diamond from RangerCrew for hooking me up with this figure.

This is the first time the Megaforce Red Ranger has been released in 5″ size but how does the figure hold up? Does the detailing on the molding of the accessories continue to shine as seen in previous galleries? Click here to see the gallery and review!.

And don’t forget to check out our previous galleries and reviews from this line – the MMPR Green Ranger and Zeo Red Ranger combined gallery/review, as well as the Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger gallery and review! And stay tuned for two more galleries coming very soon – and a special gallery of the Titanium Ranger and celebrating his toy releases throughout the years!

LWW Kamen Rider Den O 40 42

“Take Care of Deneb.”

Let’s Watch Wednesdays returns to Kamen Rider Den-O but with the loss of one of our heroes. In case you haven’t noticed we’re rocking a Thursday Edition this week. Techincal difficulties on my end being to blame. But we’ll be back to normal next week.

Yuuto paid the ultimate price when his past self was erased from time. Or so it would seem. The Zeronos cards aren’t all bad after all. While the memories of a person disappear, they are protected from the ravages of time. But with no more green cards left, Yuuto must now resort to the red cards and an even greater price must be paid as well. The memories Yuuto’s made in the present will now cease to be. His past no longer exists, and now neither does his present, nor would it seem does his future. But one thing is certain, Zeronos Zero Form is a power to be reckoned with!

Den-O Trivia #15
It’s time to see if you were paying attention again! This week the show changed up something most people skip right past, the opening! That’s right, the usual rendition of Climax Jump you’re used to was replaced this week by Climax Jump Den-Liner Form. A rendition of the song sung by our lovable Imagin! Episode 40 is the first instance where the opening theme changes and the first where clips from the episode you’re about to watch are inserted into the montage.

Of course this isn’t the only alternate version of Climax Jump out there. In fact when Climax Jump was released as a Single there were 5 versions of the song just on that disc. But there are multiple other versions of the song each tied to a particular form of Den-O as well as several more official remixes of it. I actually know of at least 12 more versions of the song out there, bringing the total close to 20, all of which I have of course.

Kamen Rider Gaim Showa LockSeeds

One last hurrah for Kamen Rider Gaim collectors! Bandai Premium has opened a page for a special set of LockSeeds featuring the Showa-Era Kamen Riders!

In addition to the 15 Showa Riders (everyone from Kamen Rider 1 to Kamen Rider ZO), the set also teases three more Secret LockSeeds with unidentified properties.

Orders will open September 18 and release is scheduled for January 2015. The price is a somewhat steep 14,580 Yen before shipping and fees.


Kamen Rider Drive Action Poster

A brand-new full-length trailer for the upcoming Kamen Rider Drive is now online! This extensive preview gives us a close look at Drive’s Shift Cars and combat styles, along with a brief hint at the upcoming Movie War!



Kamen Rider Drive premieres October 5th! Until then stay tuned to TokuNation as we keep you up to date on this amazing new hero!

Lightspeed Rescue 001

When trouble rears its ugly head, you’d better make it a Lightspeed Rescue!

Continuing the galleries of the Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5″ Figures, we’re proud to bring you another legendary Red Ranger gallery. Having surged in popularity in recent years his figure is desired by many and found by few. That’s right – we’re talking about the Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger, Carter Grayson.

Releasing in Wave 4 of the 5″ figure assortment, this figure is actually harder to find than you might expect – a lot of stores never got Wave 4 and if they did, you had one (at most maybe two) chances at grabbing the figure as he was packaged one per case.

To see all 32 images of this figure and to read the review, simply click here! And stay tuned to for more upcoming Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5 Inch Figures – including an AWESOME looking gallery coming of the Titanium Ranger and the gallery everyone has been waiting for, the Zeo Gold Ranger!

A special thanks to Fury Diamond of for helping obtain this figure!

Kamen Rider Diend

Just because Kamen Rider Decade is years and years old now doesn’t mean we don’t still have some cards up our sleeve! We are very happy to present to you a review and a gallery from an older figure from the S.H. Figuarts line, which is none other than Kamen Rider Diend. Courtesy of our photo contributor ryan, we have 26 images to share with you of this character from one of the popular (and debated) Kamen Rider series!

But just like every figure out there this one has some flaws. What are they, and does ryan think this older figure compares at all to the newer body styles found in the S.H. Figuarts being released today? Click here for the full gallery and review, then share your thoughts on Kamen Rider Diend!

1000086731 10

A fresh batch of Premium Bandai Lock Seeds have just hit the market, and the first video demos of the DX Pinecone, Walnut, and promotional Sid Lock Seeds have hit Youtube, courtesy of a Japanese toy reviewer.

More interestingly is that the video showcases just how the SId’s personal Lock Seed works.

It’s important to note that the Seed was not designed to work in any of line’s Roleplay toys. Instead, the Seed functions exactly like a Gashapon one and contains quotes from the Lock Dealer himself.

Complete Selection Decadriver 01

Kamen Ride, Decade!

It looks like it’s time for another releases in Premium Bandai’s line of high end rider belts! Following up from the recently released CSM Kabuto Zecter its seems the next belt up for the treatment is the Complete Selection Modification Decadriver! The belt of Kamen Rider Decade appears to include at least the all the Heisei Rider cards he used to henshin throughout the series.

No word yet on what else may be included with the belt card wise, or what the price and release date might be. But we’ll keep you posted as new details and information become available.

Arms Change Kamen Rider Sigurd Marika 012

The newest Kamen Rider Gaim Arms Change Premium releases is at hand!

Youtube reviewer k2eizo gives us a close look at Premium Bandai 03- featuring Kamen Rider Sigurd and Kamen Rider Marika!


If you were lucky enough to get an order in for these two, keep a close eye on your mailbox- you should be hearing details very soon!

tumblr lpxkewM5QK1r1r4fio1 500 1

And you thought VR Troopers, Syber-Squad, & Power Rangers anniversaries were the only milestones this month!

The one and only Kickback’s birthday is today! Of course Kickback AKA Chris is the the founder of TokuNation itself and the man behind everything since it’s inception. A lot of you know him from the TFW2005 forums and his work in the Transformer fandom over  the last decade. But luckily he jumped ship and created this place for all of us to enjoy and share! It’s safe to say that a lot of us wouldn’t have a welcoming environment to discuss our spandex heroes, bug men, giant monsters, toys, and everything else in between without Kickback’s hard work for us over the last 3 years.

So please take a moment out of your day to wish one of my best friends in the world, Kickback, a happy birthday! TokuNation is what it is thanks to you buddy!