TK 06 Machine Chaser

Though this fledgling line is still in it’s early stages we’ve just gotten our a peak at the first (and currently only) villain in the line. Tire Koukan TK-06 will be none other than Machine Chaser!

Machine Chaser looks to have much of the fantastic asymmetrical detailing of his on screen counterpart and  includes his henshin device the Break Gunner. It’s currently unknown if this figure can actually use the Tire Koukan gimmick and accept tires for weapons. Either way, TK-06 Machine Chaser will be released in December for 3456 yen.

A1 Comics

Following the same pattern for the Legacy Dragonzord, it was announced today that the Legacy Tigerzord and Legacy Saba items will be exclusive to the A1 Toys store in the United Kingdom.

The good news? That these items are going to be available! The bad news? Well, our UK fans aren’t happy about the prices. Currently being listed at £89.99 for the Legacy Tigerzord, and a whopping £129.99 for the Legacy Saba. What are your thoughts? Sound off in our discussion thread linked to the article.


Ultraman Ginga’s  most powerful form has finally been revealed thanks to toy catalogues as Utraman Ginga Victory!

Like the name suggests, the form is a fusion using aspects of both Ginga and Victory together. The object in question is called the Fusion Brace and using it requires both the Ginga Spark and Victory Lancer.

Ultraman Ginga Victory can access powers from the 10 Ultramen of the Heisei era from Tiga to Zero. The DX Fusion Brace will retail for about 3800 yen before shipping fees.

Tamashii Web Shop West

This is a HUGE announcement. Bandai of Japan and Tamashii Nations have just revealed their joint Tamashii Web Shop venture for western markets! A brand new website which will offer Web Exclusive figures and products to English speaking western markets!

We got an inside scoop about this piece of news on the ground at New York Comic-Con earlier this month. Sadly that news was not public at the time so we had to keep a tight lid on things. But today this new Tamashii Web Shop has not only been revealed to the world, but is in fact already active! Though only 1 item is currently up for pre-order you can be sure that more items will begin to be listed in the coming days and weeks.

This is a huge step forward for western fans importing figures from Japan. Though this new web shop is so far only limited to those residing in the US & Canada it’s a pretty significant step in the collector toy market. Time will tell how far this goes.

AC PB03 Arms Change Kamen Rider Sigurd Marika 009


Once again it’s time for TokuNation to bring you a double whammy! Today we’ve got a gallery of the 3rd of Premium Bandai’s Arms Change releases! ACPB03 is a two-pack which includes Kamen Rider Sigurd & Kamen Rider Marika!

Rounding out the full team of Energy Riders, Sigurd & Marika are top notch releases. Each of their new arms, Cherry Energy & Peach Energy, are engineered perfectly, and as Premium releases they’ve both been given lavish paint jobs to really set them apart from retail AC’s. If you’re as deep into this toyline by now as I am then it’s been nothing but rewarding with each successive release. Each time a new figure comes out it’s always fun to see how previous Arms will look on them as well. And this gallery contains images of Sigurd & Marika in every Arms released thus far!

Click “Discuss on the TokuNation Forums” at the bottom of this post to be taken to a FULL gallery of these figures. Over 100 images! But before you do that check out the video review posted below. Our resident video wizard Baltmatrix has been hard at work and has a full review of this pair for you to check out! Are we of like minds on this premium release set? Watch his video to find out!

Baltmatrix and I will also be teaming up in the coming weeks for a few other galleries/videos relating to Kamen Rider Drive, so stay tuned!



“Now…count up your crimes!” 

The fan favrioute Kamen Rider Joker returns to Medicom’s high end RAH DX line with figure that utilizes the new body from Cyclone Joker 2.0!

RAH DX Kamen Rider Joker 2.0 like all recent RAH DX releases will only be avalaible online via Medicom’s Premium Club site even more bad news is that the figure is quite expensive compared to a Figuarts, retailing for 22,680 yen before middle man fees and shipping.

But on the positive side, the figure will be going up for pre order October 24th and won’t see release till May 2015, offering plenty of time to save.

Dino Charge logo

TokuNation forum member Raz has uncovered some interesting new Power Rangers Dino Charge items in Toys R Us’ computer system . Please be aware all details are unconfirmed at the time of this writing. Official releases may vary from our early speculations.


The items of particular interest in these new Dino Charge toy listings include-

2 new Basic Gear Items:

42039 Gold Ptera Morpher 
42040 Gold Ptera Saber 

One new Megazord:

32097 Ptera Charge Megazord 

Another wave of 5-inch action figures:

42209 Gold Ranger
42210 Graphite Ranger
42211 Armor On Red Ranger 
42212 Armor On Blue Ranger
42213 Armor On Pink Ranger
42214 Armor On Green Ranger
42215 Armor On Black Ranger
42216 Sledge 
42217 Ptera Charge Megazord

The Gear &  new Megazord likely belong to the Dino Charge Gold Ranger. The Graphite Ranger could be the American name for supporting character KyoryuGrey. The action figure Sledge is likely an enemy character (perhaps a member of the Deboss Legion).

In addition, listings apparently confirm that the Dino Charge toyline will contain 60  Dino Chargers (which seems to be the American name for Kyoryugers’ Zyudenchi). Which Chargers will make the transfer to this new series? Only time will tell!

Zyuranger Shout Factory DVD Cover

TokuNation broke the news to the world back in July that Shout! Factory would be bringing Zyuranger to the US in the form of a complete Series DVD set. Now only a few short months later we have the first look at what that set will be like!

Revealed via Brian Ward’s twitter account (@BWard028) is our first look at the Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger DVD cover! Sporting a “before Power Rangers there was…” line across the top it looks like this set should appeal to both Power Rangers and Sentai fans alike. What are your thoughts on this image? How do you think this DVD set will sell  and what will it mean for possible future sets? Join the discussion after the jump by clicking “Discuss on the TokuNation Forums” at the bottom of this post.

SHMonsterarts Godzilla 2000 Special Color Official 001

Flying under the radar among the other recently revealed Tamashii nations products this week is the upcoming S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla 2000 Special Color Version!

It looks like the very popular Godzilla 2000 mold will be getting a re-release in a new color scheme designed by Yuji Sakai.  A prolific concept artist and S.H. Monsterarts Sculptor, Mr Sakai is also the original artist behind the design of Godzilla 2000!  It appears that the new paint job is the only special treatment given to this figure as no additional accessories will be included, just as with the original release this is bare bones.

Godzilla 2000 Special Color will be released as a Tamashii Web Exclusive in April 2015 for 7776 yen.

SHFiguarts Kikaider 01 Official 01

Revealed earlier this week among several other new figures, the Tamashii Web Shop has updated with official images and pricing info for the upcoming S.H. Figuarts Kikaider 01!

The younger brother of Jiro the original Kikaider, Kikaider 01 (Ichiro) was likewise the star of his own live action series in the 70′s. Itself a follow up to the original Kikaider show. At the rate Bandai continues to pump out new Kikaider Figuarts we may run the gamut  of the two classic live action shows pretty quickly. Perhaps some figures based on the Reboot film or the anime & OVA’s are down the road?

S.H. Figuarts Kikaider 01, much like his brother, only includes 3 extra sets of hands for accessories. But this classic addition to your collection will be made available as a Tamashii Web Exclusive in April 2015 for 5184 yen.