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The good people at RangerCrew have uploaded a new preview for the next episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge! Episode 5 will apparently be the first focus episode for Chase, the Dino Charge Black Ranger.

Breaking Black is scheduled to air Saturday, March 7 at 12PM EST on Nickelodeon!

LWW Power Rangers In Sapce 40 43

The time has come for a final countdown on Power Rangers In Space with Let’s Watch Wednesdays!

As the Alliance of Evil works to ensnare the entire galaxy the rangers lay defeated. Their Megazords destroyed, and their allies scattered across the cosmos. Their identities revealed TJ, Ashley, Cassie, Carlos, and Zhane make a final stand back on Earth.

But one more of them will make a defining choice. Andros will have the final burden of saving the universe upon his shoulders, but at what cost? Will the legacy of the Power Rangers be sacrificed forever? Can that sacrifice expunge all evil from the known universe? Heroes will unite and a legend will die.

It’s the end of everything as all roads lead to destruction with Power Rangers In Space! 

Godzilla Rulers Of Earth 21 Preview 01

Today is new comic day and we’ve got a new preview for you!

Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #21

The Trilopods arrive, and no monster is safe! As the Cryog Emperor unleashes an all-out assault on the planet, Lucy and Woods face their own dangers and their only hope for the future may lie in the monsters from the past.

Read on to preview this issue!

New Ranger Keys

For now we’ve yet to get confirmation of the individual who found these and where, but it looks like the final hunt for Power Rangers Super Megaforce and the popular Legendary Ranger Keys is about to begin! After months in limbo some of the last waves of Keys were released as Toys R Us Exclusives in December, and today brings the first sighting of the remaining Wave 5 key packs!

A breakdown of each packs contents is below.

Dino Thunder B
Red (translucent)
Black (translucent)

Samurai Pack B
Red (translucent)

Time Force B
Green (translucent)
Red (translucent)

Operation Overdrive B
Red (translucent)

Wild Force B
Lunar Wolf

Jungle Fury B
Yellow (Translucent)

In Space B
Red (Translucent)
Blue (Translucent)

Once we have confirmation of which Toys R Us location these keys were found out we’ll update this article. So stay tuned to TokuNation for further updates on this developing story!

SHF W Cyclone Joker 034

Now, count up your sins!

TokuNation is taking a look at a classic rider release with this one. Our very own photo & content staff contributor Ryan has done a full gallery of S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider W Cycylone/Joker!

This Figuart is one of the oldest releases in the line. And although it’s a dated figure, for many it’s a representation of the rider that got them into the franchise in the first place. W is seen here in his basic Cyclone/Joker configuation and while hey may not come with much accessory wise, the figure does a great job of capturing the characters’ personality. With the possibility of a renewal of Kamen Rider W on the horizon, why not take a look back at this classic release to see how far a new figure could go.

We’ve attached a selection of images to this post, but you can check out nearly 40 images of S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider W Cyclone/Joker after the jump!

150302 boys gaidenset 01


Premium Bandai finally opens up pre orders for the latest Arms Change set featuring Zangetsu Proto-Suika Arms and Baron Taboo Arms.

The official pre order page gives an in depth preview of how this set functions, specifically the new shield weapon for Zangetsu appears to have a moveable handle to allow more variety with posing.

the ACPB08 set will be going up for pre orders on March 2nd with a cut off date for May 18th 2015 and finally being released sometime in July. The set will retail for 7,560 yen before middleman fees and shipping

Super Hero Taisen GP Poster

Another new teaser for the upcoming film project Super Hero Taisen GP is now online!

Unlike previous teasers, this one focuses mostly on Shuriken Sentai Ninninger team and offers a quick look at Rider Robo- a giant Mecha controlled by the Kamen Riders and powerful enough to stand against ShurikenJin!

Super Hero Taisen GP premieres in theaters on March 21st!


Several new official images of the next DX Otomo-nin releases have been posted online!

This gives us some close-up shots of DX Paonmaru and DX UFOmaru and lets us see how these new Mecha combine with DXShurikenJin!

DX Paonmaru will be released on March 14 while DX UFOmaru is scheduled for release on March 21. Both Otomo-nin are priced at 3024 Yen before shipping and handling.

1000096372 1

Tamashi Nation finally released the official online gallery for S.H.Figuarts Drive Technique, announced as an online onlyWeb Shop exclusive

Pre orders for S.H.Figuarts Drive Technique will begin March 2nd 2015 for 5,184 yen, he’s expected to ship out in August. The Door Gun along with a Braver Tire and attachable arm piece are shown to be included with his accessories.

Kamen Rider Drive Shuriken

For now we only have a single image to base this assumption on, but it looks like the Super Hero Taisen GP film may be the second such film primarily about Kamen Riders, to feature Super Sentai!

A new magazine scan for the movie has surfaced showing what appears to be a Kamen Rider Drive Nin Shuriken! Thus implying that Shuriken Sentai Ninninger will indeed appear. On top of this is a silhouetted image of what looks like a new Shinobimaru style robo. One that could very well be the Tridoron given humanoid form!

Time will tell if this pans out but it looks like for now that we may have another special movie combo following in the footsteps of last years ToQ Oh Kyoryuzin featuring Den-Liner!