S H Figuarts Female MMPR Yellow Ranger 017

It’s Morphin Time!

Checking one more off the list for MMPR/Zyuranger releases today we’ve got the S.H. Figuarts MMPR Yellow Ranger (female body) gallery! This figure was recently released exclusively by Bluefin to western markets. Likewise in Japan S.H. Figuarts Tiger Ranger was recently released as an exclusive. Catering to two different markets these differing releases of this figure have some unique traits. Here in the US the footage of Tiger Ranger, or rather the original Yellow Ranger, lined up with a female character. And as such a new female version of the figure was created for release in this market!

Created for and by the demand of the US market, S.H. Figuarts Yellow Ranger is the first truly unique release we’ve gotten since the Zyuranger/MMPR series of releases got under way! As the final piece to complete your team of original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers you will not be disappointed. Whether you think of Yellow Ranger as Trini or Aisha it will finish off a team of rangers a couple years in the making, and the accessories included with her will FINALLY complete the incredible Power Cannon! Maybe some of you will even feel the need to double dip ad get the male and female figure like I did? You totally should.

To check out our full gallery of Yellow ranger click “Discuss on the TokuNation Forums” at the bottom of this post. And if you’d like to see how Yellow stacks up to the original release of this figure, check out our S.H. Figuarts Tiger Ranger Gallery as well! And rounding out the Zyu/MMPR love we have one final gallery for you coming up this week. The long awaited exclusive SDCC Armored Black Ranger!!

Kamen Rider Drive Action Poster

The good people at The Tokusatsu Network have uncovered some new details about the production of Kamen Rider Drive! Tokusatsu script veteran Keiichi Hasegawa will be serving as secondary writer for this new series.

While primarily an Ultraman writer (Hasegawa has worked on virtually every Ultra series since 1996′s Tiga), Keiichi previously worked with main Drive writer Riku Sanjo on Kamen Rider W! Seems the hard-boiled crew is back together for another season.

In addition, TV Asahi producers have described Kamen Rider Drive’s crime-solving adventures are intended as single-episode stories. Will this storytelling format match up well with Sanjo & Hasegawa’s writings? Only time will tell!

Kamen Rider Drive premieres October 5th! Stay tuned to TokuNation for further details.

Drive Driver

After some official information about the upcoming series finally made it’s way to us, an even bigger bomb shell has dropped. The very first footage of Kamen Rider Drive in action!

An official video announcement of the series was made on Japanese television news this morning. So it’s time to feast your eyes on our first looks at the main cast, Drive himself in civilian and rider form, his sweet ride Trideron, and the villainous Roimyuudo!

Kamen Rider Drive premieres October 5th!

Kamen Rider Drive Logo

We’ve learned quite a few things about the upcoming new Kamen Rider project this week! Now, thanks to The Tokusatsu Network we have a glimpse at Kamen Rider Drive’s most important element- the story!

As previously reported, the enemies of this series are known as Roimyuudo, a species of android-like creatures that wish to become human. Most of the Roiymyuudo are sealed within a digital network and do not have physical forms, although they can control ordinary citizens by forming an emotional connection.

The Roimyuudo Leaders do have physical bodies, and wish to raise an army in rebellion against humans. The main leader is known as Heart and works mostly in shadow to accomplish his goals. Another Roimyuudo called Brains carries out attacks on humans to gain new intelligence that may assist other fighters. A third mysterious villain character, named Chase is said to work alongside the Roimyuudo as a hitman- but there may be more to his story than currently known.

In addition we have learned quite a bit about Kamen Rider Drive- real name Shinnosuke Tomari. A member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department before stepping aside due to personal tragedy, Shinnosuke is re-recruited for the Special Unit to fight the Roimyuudo-receiving the Drive Driver & supercar Trideron to aid him in battle.

The Tokyo MPD Special Unit also consists of

*Kiriko, the technical support expert. Unlike most of the Special Unit she is aware of Drive’s secret identity and as such she can sometimes cover for him.

*Rinna, a physicist in charge of researching the Roimyuudo and maintaining the Special Unit’s technology.

*Kyuu, a network researcher who harbors a secret obsession with the occult.

*Genpachirou, a hostile lieutenant who considers the Special Unit a burden and frequently mocks the other members.

*Tsurutarou, the Chief of Police with years of experience in regular detective work.

*Professor Streinbert, the mastermind behind the Drive technology.

Finally, we have also learned that the series’ theme song, SURPRISE-DRIVE will be performed by Mitsuru Matsuoka- who some fans may recognize as Kamen Rider Eternal!

So far everything about Kamen Rider Drive sounds worth watching! Be sure to tune in on October 5th and see exactly what this new Kamen Rider has to offer!

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider ZO 03

Joining Vul Eagle this December is S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider ZO, star of the one shot 1993 movie of the same name. Priced 4536 yen (including tax), ZO comes packaged with three pairs of alternate hands, an alternate head with exposed Break Toother and a scaled grasshopper that appears in the movie.

As the Showa Kamen Riders (as well as the all of the main Kamen Riders) grow very near completion, check out the official images after the jump. Preorders for the figure go up September 1st!

SH Figuarts Vul Eagle 05

After a brief period where many fans seemed unsure of the fate of the Super Sentai line of S.H. Figuarts, it seems Bandai have decided to catch the sun with the announcement of S.H. Figuarts Vul Eagle! The red hero from the fifth Super Sentai series Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan, Vul Eagle will come packaged with a selection of alternate hands, Vulcan Stick (both extended and holstered) and the sword used by the second Vul Eagle – Takayuki Hiba.

Vul Eagle is a mass release Figuart due in December 2014, priced 4860 yen (tax included). Preorders will go up September 1st, so in the meantime check out the full-sized images of this Showa era Sentai hero after the jump!

Kamen Rider Drive Poster

At long last we know who will be the driving force behind the new Kamen Rider series!

Kamen Rider Drive’s head writer is Riko Sanjo, a fan-favorite tokusatsu writer best known for Kamen Rider W and Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.

The head producer is one Takahito Ōmori whose resume includes Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger and Kamen Rider Kiva.

Finally, Drive’s director is Ryuta Tasaki- the director of Kamen Rider Gaim! 

Definitely an established crew with a lot of talent & experience. We can only hope this means good things ahead for the 15th Hesei Rider!

Kamen Rider Drive premieres October 5th 2014! Stay tuned to TokuNation for further details!


Morphicon 2014 Banner

On this day, August 28th 1993, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers made their incredible debut on US airwaves! And 21 years later, the franchise is still a booming success story with no stop in sight. Though the Power Rangers have gone through numerous iterations, transitions, actors, rangers, zords, enemies, movies, seasons, ups, downs, and everything else in between, it stands out as one of the most recognizable and marketable brands out there. With consistently strong toy sales, TV ratings, and a growing fan base of both old and brand new fans, is it any wonder Power Rangers has become the international success it is today?

Take some time out of your day today to celebrate Power Rangers coming of age for it’s 21st birthday. Share with us some of your favorite moments from the franchise. Perhaps a favorite battle, a specific character you love, maybe even just a great costume design or piece of music. Anything goes for this discussion! If you’re on social media jumping in on things, be sure to use the hashtag #PowerRangers21 and make sure your special moment is seen and shared by as many people as possible!

Power Rangers has never been stronger, and it’s all because of the fanbase it’s sustained over the last 21 years. From Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Dino Charge and beyond! Let’s continue to make it successful whether it’s for another 21 years or another 100. Live the legacy!

Kamen Rider Drive Support Team

We continue to learn more about the 15th Hesei-Era Kamen Rider!

As previously reported, the villains of this new series are called the Roimude. These creatures apparently use small devices known as Viral Cores similar to Drive’s own Shift Cars. Could there be a shared origin between these monsters and Kamen Rider Drive? We may find out soon so stay tuned!

In addition we also have some details about the supporting cast for this new series. The character details are incomplete at the time of this writing but we do know a few things. Following the image from left to right, the supporting cast consists of:

*Genhachirou Otta

*Kyuu Saijou (the scientist in charge of network processing)

*Rina Zawakami

*Jun Honganji (Chief of the Tokyo Police Departments’ Special Unit)

*Kiriko Shijima (a fellow police officer aware of Drive’s secret identity)

Definitely seems like a good team so far! Tune in October 5th to see the Kamen Rider Drive crew in action!

LWW Kamen Rider Den O 31 33

TokuNation is back with another exciting climax in Kamen Rider Den-O for Let’s Watch Wednesdays!

As Yuuto continues to struggle with the final Zeronos Card, their secret is revealed. Airi can’t remember any version of the Sakurai Yuuto she once loved.  Because every time one of Zeronos‘ cards is used something incredibly important is lost, memories of Sakurai Yuuto! Each card contains a memory someone else has of him. And a new line has appeared in time twisted and mangled, this line doesn’t connect to Den-Liner, yet. But its tremors are being felt across time. No one will know that better than Hana. Could this line cross into her destroyed time? Where does it lead to, the future? Or the past?

Den-O Trivia #12

You may have noticed something big changed this week. And that’s Hana’s actress! For reasons we’ll find out later within the shows plot, Hana has regressed in age to that of a child. Some of you may even have noticed that Hana’s original actress, Yuriko Shiratori, last appeared in episode 30. After Ore Tanjou her involvement began to decline somewhat but she abruptly left the show at episode 30. So you’ll notice the ignorance of her absence by the shows plot.

In the real world what happened was Yuriko Shiratori became very over worked while doing the show and she’s said to have exited the franchise because of health problems related to this. Other reports have variously claimed over the years that she was injured filming a stunt for the show and refused to return because of it. Whatever the case may be she left the show and never returned. Which may be a big missed opportunity for the young actress as Den-O went on to become the longest lasting franchise in Kamen Rider and by far one of the most successful. But her replacement Tamaki Matsumoto stuck with it as Kohana for years, all the way into the Cho Den-O Trilogy!