Ultraman Ginga S Scans

A new catalog scan has turned up online & gives us some new details regarding the second season of Ultraman Ginga!

*The new hero Ultraman Victory is heavily featured in this new merchandise, receiving two new roleplay weapons: the Strium Brace transformation device and the Victory Lancer weapon.

*Victory’s special ability is revealed through the new action figure series, “Change Victory.” The new Ultraman can summon and transform various monster limbs for new attacks. The Change Victory action figures are said to be similar to Kamen Rider Gaim’s “Arms Change” series, something Ultra collectors may enjoy!

The tremendous variety of materials suggests a promising future for Ultraman! Stay tuned to TokuNation as we keep you up to date on this exciting second season!

McDonalds Ultraman Ginga

If you’re in Japan, you can make your Happy Meal even Happier with an Ultraman Ginga promotion which started April 18th. None of these figures are truly groundbreaking in terms of concept or engineering, but if you’re a big fan of Ultraman then you might find yourself looking for a way to pick up these neat little collectibles. To see all the details, simply click right here!

Gigan 01

For fans of Godzilla who eagerly await each release of the popular MonsterArts line of figures, an awesome figure was just released on April 19thGigan from Godzilla FINAL WARS. While most of us await the figure to make its way through customs to our doorsteps, we do have a pictorial review by Ninja-Web[/url] that we’d like to bring to your attention! We’ve mirrored just a few of the images here, and for the full gallery, please click here!

If you haven’t purchased MonsterArts Gigan as of yet, you can do through so our site sponsor BigBadToyStore.com! Check out their pre-order by clicking here! What are your thoughts on Gigan? Share them in our discussion thread!


The 66action Kamen Rider candy toy line is coming back for a third case assortment!

This case  contains Kamen Rider Shin Zangetsu, Fourze Base States, Eternal, and one more yet to be announced figure.

Due out in August, each figure will run you a wallet friendly price of 380 yen each for singles.

Hyper Battle DVD 01

Awhile back it was announced that there would be a DVD feature for Kamen Rider Gaim entitled “Hyper Battle”, which would be out of continuity of the show and mainly feature your favorite characters from Kamen Rider Gaim in previously unseen arms changing armors. So for example, Kamen Rider Gaim could wear the Melon Arms from Kamen Rider Zangetsu. As part of the promotion for the upcoming DVD, Ganbarizing.com threw up some images of these arms changes, featuring your heroes in-suit wearing new arms. One of the highlights is seeing Kamen Rider Zangetsu in multiple different armors (and I have to admit, using Ryugen’s armor looks beautiful!). A teaser at the end of the page hints that the next update will feature Kamen Rider Gridon, Kamen Rider Kurokage, and Kamen Rider Knuckle swapping various armaments.

Click the title of the story for all the images. Special thanks to the Fruit Rider News Blog for the heads up and a vast majority of the image captures.

SH Figuarts Kurokage 1


Tamashii’s official blog has put up a few teaser images for Kamen Rider Kurokage, who appears to be the next Gaim Figuart set for release.

At the moment Kurokage’s price and release date are not yet confirmed, so stay tuned to TokuNation for further details!



A new teaser for the next GARO film has been released. This project will serve as a follow-up to 2013′s Yami o Terasu Mono (“The One Who Shines In Darkness”) and feature the return of Makai Knight Ryuga, inheritor of the Garo Armor.

Stay tuned for further details of this and other Garo Projects!

DX Car Carrier and Tank Ressha 029

All aboard!

We’re back with another one-two punch of trains! Ressha Sentai ToQger marches on and so does it’s toyline!

Today we’re taking a look at the most recent pair of Support Resshas from the series, DX Car Carrier & Tank Ressha! This pair of course will be integral to the upcoming Diesel Oh formation. But until Diesel is released why not stop in and check out how fun these little trains can be on their own? Until Diesel Oh can be formed why no whet your appetite with ToQ Oh Tank, ToQ Oh Car Carrier, & ToQ Oh Car Carrier Tank? Or several other wacky and unorthodox combos you can form with these extras!

While your here also be sure to check out Balmatrix’s fine video review of this pair, seen below! And when you’re ready click “Discuss on the TokuNation Forums” at the bottom of this post to be taken to the FULL gallery! Our team-up of ToQger merch isn’t over yet either, the Renketsu Bazooka is next on the agenda!

ToQGer DieselOh

The 8th Ressha on the Rainbow Line has officially been released in Japan, and reviewers are now examining this new alternative-fueled fighter!

The main combination of Diesel, Tank & Car Carrier is explored by Youtube reviewer “wotakufighter” while the fusion of all eight Resshas is performed by “k2eizo” along with some extra details.

Any fan who was lucky enough to preorder the Diesel Ressha or DieselOh set should keep a close eye on their mailboxes; orders should be shipping out very soon!