Toyfair: Godzilla Film 2014 Bandai Press Release

Though Bandai of America has yet to make official images of the Godzilla 2014 film product available, they have circulated their official press release concerning the line just as New York Toyfair gets under way! Godzilla 2014 toy line highlights inlcude:

Godzilla 2014 Movie Atomic Roar™ Action Figure
With collector-level detailing, this large scale figure brings the re-imagined Godzilla to life as he blasts his powerful “atomic breath” and lets out his iconic roar! Figure measures approximately 10” tall, and features authentic sounds and “atomic breath” action.
SRP $34.99

Godzilla 2014 Movie Destruction City™
Bring the excitement of Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla home with this deluxe “Destruction Pack.” Set includes two figures, including Godzilla, plus three (3) destructible buildings & bridge, and five (5) military vehicles.
SRP $19.99

Godzilla 2014 Movie Fighting Figures
Control Godzilla with these Fighting Figures! Choose from “Tail-Strike™” Godzilla with swinging tail manipulated via a chest control, or “Smash Strike™” Godzilla, whose devastating upper body attacks are activated through an upper-tail control lever!
SRP $14.99

Godzilla 2014 Pack Of Destruction™
Bring home the excitement of the all-new Godzilla movie! Your epic monster battles are sure to crumble cities and bring in the Air Force! Each pack features one (1) figure, one (1) destructible building, and one (1) military aircraft. Exclusive figure is only available in this assortment.
SRP $8.99

Godzilla 2014 Movie Figure 2-Packs
Godzilla takes on an anime look with these highly collectible chibi-style figures! Two different 2-Packs available, each includes Godzilla in a different pose.
SRP $6.99

Stay tuned to all day tomorrow as our team on the ground, including the awesome administrator Sentai Tamashii, get some great photos to share with the community! We could have our best official look at the Godzilla 2014 toyline as soon as tomorrow morning!


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  1. GoseiIero95's Avatar GoseiIero95 says

    Cant wait to see what the toys look like! They sound promising!

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